Go Mushing 

A top-of-the-range downhill scooter. An exceptional machine that results from 15 years of downhill scooter development, it is the flagship of the Gravity Scooters brand . It replaces the two former Cols DH models. The fork of the Iron Cols is one of the best DH forks on the market, the Marzocchi Bomber 888.

With the Iron Cols you can descend more radical DH tracks more easily and more safely than any DH bike. The key is a chassis that does not separate the legs, a very low centre of gravity and the best DH components.

Ideal for combining Mushing and Downhill.

Ideal for people with a lot of weight.

Suitable for Mushing up to 5 dogs.

Ideal for rental. Robust with the highest quality DH components.

Ideal for beginning DH and for Extreme DH.

Prices subject to currency fluctuations, admin will contact you in relation to any price increases of decreases.

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Gravity Iron Cols