Go Mushing 

ManMat Harness Guard is made of 100% polypropylene. The material used for padding has been tested for wear, does not damage the dogs' hair, and is resistant to icing and moisture. 

The Guard harness is the harness of choice for skijoring, bikejoring, canicross and dog trekking . This multi-use harness was originally designed for use with police dogs for tracking, leading, and guarding, and has also become popular as a walking harness for pet dog owners. No more choking for hard pulling dogs!

It has a double wide breast plate and an adjustable chest strap, double rings for attaching leads/leashes and TEBOX padding.

Size Girth of Neck

XXS : Girth of neck 33 - 36 cm
XS : Girth of neck 37 - 40 cm
S : Girth of neck 41 - 44 cm
M : Girth of neck 45 - 48 cm
L : Girth of neck 49 - 52 cm
XL : Girth of neck 53 - 56 cm
XXL : Girth of neck 57 - 60 cm
EXL : Girth of neck 61 - 64 cm

A: Red
B: Blue
C: Green
D: Paw Print Red
E: Paw Print Blue
F: Black
J: Reflex Blue
K: Paw Print Brown

ManMat Harness Guard